A downloadable game for Windows

Category : Casual Games

This game is a simple casual game that suitable for kids to improve their eye-hand coordination and physical skills. The player have to save an eggs from falling to the ground by using the basket.

  • Using Gamesalad game software.
  • The game genre: casual game.
  • The target audience : kids from 8 - 10 years old.

How To Play?

  1. Catch the eggs by using the basket.
  2. Move the basket left or right by using the left button or right button from the keyboard.

Game Rules

  1. The player save the egg to get a 1 point.
  2. The player must collect 5 eggs to win this game.

Install instructions : Required Gamesalad software

A downloadable game for Windows platform.

Published May 17, 2016
AuthorNur Amiraa
Tagsfalling, Gravity


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